Growler USA is initiating a petition in the state of Colorado to allow retailers to have the option to fill growler containers. Growler USA is looking to fill growlers to-go, mirroring our brewery partners, so our guests can enjoy their favorite craft beer at home.

Growler USA is a franchise craft beer pub, specializing in American craft beer – only on draft. Just like at the brewery, Growler USA strives to maintain the quality and integrity of each craft beer it pours. With up to 100 craft beers on tap allows for guests to select from a wide range of local, regional and national craft beers. We hope you support our cause and spread to word to continue to the enjoyment of craft beer beyond the pub and into your homes!

The state of Colorado is the Craft Beer capital of the country. So why can’t independent pubs fill growlers?

Growler – A container, such as jugs, pails, bottles,with a cap or swing top, brought by a consumer to be filled by a trained employee of the mercantile establishment, with alcoholic beverage such as wine and beer. 

Find information regarding Colorado Craft Beer Sales & Statistics on the Brewers Association website.

Learn about growler laws in other states here.

Why allow non-brewery retailers to fill growlers?

  • Allows for further development, growth, and collaboration in the craft beer industry.
  • Breweries support the sales of growlers in pubs as it encourages additional sales.
  • Many craft beers are not available in grocery/package stores to purchase. Filling a growler allows consumers to get their favorite brew after they’ve enjoyed it at a pub.

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