Innovative Concept

Growler USA® Kitchen & Taphouse combines America’s rocketing interest in craft beer with the power of franchising.

We provide a visually stunning display of up to 100 taps, with an emphasis on local microbrews. These beverages are complemented by a chef-driven menu in a comfortable, beautifully-designed neighborhood atmosphere.

The craft beer franchise won the 2015 Breaking the Mold award at The Entrepreneur’s Source annual convention, recognized as, “a brand that re-defined the standard for its industry.”

Growler USA gives this growing consumer market an upscale environment optimizing social interaction. Our franchisees enjoy leading-edge technology that eases operations and maximizes results from marketing programs.

Growler USA serves only craft beverages, including beer, cocktails, draught wine, ciders and non-alcoholic selections. We encourage all team members to be Cicerone® Certified Beertenders, meaning they carry the industry badge as a beer expert, eager to make recommendations and personalize the guest experience.

Growler USA is a neighborhood gathering place. Decor, food menus, suppliers and ties to community causes are localized. Music and event volumes are kept at levels enhancing conversation. Our Microbrew Pubs are bright, open and interesting. We leave brewing to the brewers–most of whom are local entrepreneurs.

We found a way to support and celebrate American entrepreneurialism while strengthening local communities. And the great news is: We built it around the beer those communities already produce.

Our Story

Growler USA started  with an idea to take an existing growler refill station and make it a national American craft beer pub for all to enjoy. The hallmark of craft beer is the ability to take traditional styles of beer and innovate them with unique twists. Creativity is key, with continual nods to the history of craft beer.

Speaking of history, our name – Growler USA – is a nod to the origins of beer in America. A growler is a vessel used to transport beer. The growler as we know it today came from humble origins, otherwise known as a steel pail used to carry beer home from the local pub. Over time, the growler has evolved, which brings us to the container craft beer aficionados know and love today.

Our beloved craft beer industry has made just as many leaps and bounds in its evolution. Growler USA supports the craft beer movement in America and believes craft beverage makers have a specific intent for how their product is to be enjoyed. Our True to the Brew™ ideology ensures each brewer’s vision for their product is honored. We take great care to see that intent carried out from the moment we receive the keg to the instant that product meets our guests’ eyeballs, olfactories, and taste buds.

We encourage you to try your next pint True to the Brew™. Cheers!

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Growler USA is at the epicenter of the exploding growth of the craft beer industry. Being a pub with 100 taps allows us to not only stand out from the competition but put a very heavy focus on local brews. I like to think putting a strong emphasis on these beers is my way of paying it forward in the local community. The beers, which speak for themselves, are complemented by a tasty pub menu.

When I was choosing a concept to roll out in my city I considered many things of course, but first I wanted to meet the owners/executives we would be working with to help deliver the concept. They are experienced franchise pros that understand the franchising business and what a true partnership it is. These people have done their homework! From the state of the art beer delivery system to detail labor models, their franchise methodology truly helps deliver local success.

I am proud to be a Growler USA franchisee and look forward to participating in the brand’s explosive nationwide growth!

Greg Walther

Franchise Owner, Hendersonville, TN