Craft Beer. Good Food. Simple Operations.

We believe in Freedom. We believe in the American entrepreneurial spirit. We support that ideal by creating welcoming neighborhood gathering places. We strengthen communities by bringing people together.

We create upscale, beautifully-designed craft beer franchise environments with stunning displays of up to 100 taps of craft beer, wine, and other trending handmade beverages, a full menu of delicious comfort cuisine and staffs of trained, friendly Brew Specialists eager to personalize your experience.

Welcome to Growler USA – America’s Microbrew Pub. We manifest and celebrate the American craft beer movement…which just happens to be the fastest-growing industry in the country.

Right now, craft beer is changing American consumer behavior in the same way coffee franchises did in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Growler USA will speed that adoption exponentially. We are uniquely poised to lead the nation in craft beer offerings. We are champions for the American craft beer movement and each American’s self-determination.

Beer is called liquid gold for more reasons than its color, and craft beer aficionados are joined in their enthusiasm for the industry by financial mavens. In an article about America’s hottest startups, Forbes called the craft beer movement, “the real startup gold rush.” Growler USA combines that “rush” with the power of franchising and an upscale guest experience.

At Growler USA, a Cicerone-certified Growler USA Brew Specialist gladly recommends and offers free samples of local and regional brews. Our corporate Executive Chef, with training from Disney and decades of experience with Landry’s, crafts easily-reproducible recipes of high-quality ingredients that work within our small-footprint, efficient kitchen and  complement our beverages.

Remember when coffee was a morning drink? In a short time, we will reminisce about how people stopped drinking beer at a certain age, or switched to cocktails or wine because beer was boring.

Craft beer is creative. It’s fresh. It offers endless variety. It is exciting, innovative and fun. It’s a lot safer and easier to manage than tequila shots. And as for wine, Growler USA pubs offer draught wine, a.k.a. wine on tap. Which, by the way, will be the next big trend in the beverage industry, right alongside hand-crafted soft and hard root beers and healthy flavored nonalcoholic kombucha teas, all of which are also on tap at Growler USA.

Our hands-on executive team is experienced in franchising and foodservice. It’s easy for us to believe so strongly in the American entrepreneur because that’s who we are. We know first-hand the challenges entrepreneurs face; and we’ve designed a technology-forward franchising model to minimize barriers to entry, ease operations, maximize marketing efforts, constantly improve and have fun doing it.

So that’s the high level. What’s next?

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Thank you for your interest in Growler USA – America’s Microbrew Pub.

FranchiseRankings Winner

Growler USA was named a Winner by

Growler USA is the only craft beer franchise to appear among the 50 franchise concepts ranked in the Restaurant Category. 

FranchiseRankings gave Growler USA it’s highest score–100 on a 100-point scale–for the franchise’s growth potential, training programs and overall value. Growler USA received a 99/100 for Marketing and Ongoing Support. Growler USA’s aggregate score placed it second overall in the Restaurant Category and in the elite “Leaders” classification, where only three concepts reside. 

FranchiseRankings called out Growler USA as a “growth prospect,” stating the franchisor is, “taking the steps required to ensure [franchisees] will be successful based on their internal strategies for providing food and service.”

Growler USA Brew Specialist pouring craft beer from a tap