Hard Cider

An alcoholic beverage made from apples, pears and occasionally quinces originally brought to America by the Pilgrims, cider’s popularity began to slide in the late 1800’s and eventually became almost non-existent in U.S. pubs by the 1950’s. However, the “organic foods” movement in the 1960’s and the recent microbrewing explosion have ushered in a new period of tremendous growth for an old favorite. Decades after that near-death experience, cider is making an enormous comeback. Over the last three years, hard cider has enjoyed an average annual increase in consumer consumption of over 80 percent in the U.S. market.

Truly an American Hand Crafted Beverage – cider apples are pulped and squeezed to remove all possible flavors and juice. The juice will have rising ingredients, such as yeast, added to begin the fermentation. The process is conducted at a low temperature, in order to ensure that the flavor profile remains intact. After a certain point in fermentation, the cider is placed in new containers to discard dead yeast and to encourage the creation of fermentation. The resulting brew is slightly fizzy with a definite alcoholic content. As with most liquor, the alcohol level of the drink will depend on the amount of sugar in the ingredients, so sweeter ciders are usually more intoxicating.

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