Draft Wine

According to America’s top vintners, tap wine provides the consumer with the ultimate wine experience almost as if they were drinking it right out of the vineyard. Wine by the keg is the latest quality innovation in the wine industry with the key benefit ‘freshness’ that equals a richer flavor and unique tasting experience for wine connoisseurs.

“In a standard wine-by-the-glass program, restaurants keep an opened bottle around for hours or days, increasing the threat of oxidation, but that’s not a concern with kegs. By taking the bottle out of the equation, you also eliminate concerns about bottle variation, bottle shock and faulty corks,” according to MaryAnn Worobiec, senior editor of Wine Spectator.

The wine keg eliminates the spoilage caused by oxygen because when wine is withdrawn from a stainless steel keg, it is replaced by an inert gas, such as nitrogen. Oxygen does not come in contact with the wine, extending its “life” from a matter of hours to as much as six months. In a properly sealed keg, even when tapped repeatedly over three months, the last ounce of wine tastes as fresh as the first. Not damaged by the oxidation in a standard wine-from-a-bottle program, Growler USA offers you the finest and freshest wines produced in America!

Draft wines have an eco-advantage, too. By-the-glass orders account for as much as 80 percent of the wine sold in restaurants, upward of 600 million bottles a year. If just five percent of by-the-glass wines came from a keg (one holds 26 bottles’ worth), it would keep over 30 million bottles out of landfills.