When you think about beer, chances are you aren’t thinking about the marathon you’re training for, today’s CrossFit® workout, or the next hiking trail you’re planning to tackle. The craft beer industry is trying to change that with the rise of Wellness Beers. Yes, you read that right, but we’ll say it again – Wellness Beers! This new trend of thirst-quenching and replenishing beers is on the rise and for good reason. I mean, who wouldn’t love combining the benefits of natural sports drinks with the tastiness of your favorite brew?

So, now that you know wellness and beer can be used in the same sentence, check out our recommendation for the top 5 Wellness Brews you should try right now:

SuperEight By Dogfish Head (Milton, Delaware)

Dogfish Head’s website describes their newest beer, SuperEight, as a “sessionable super gose brewed with eight heroic ingredients: prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices, toasted quinoa and an ample addition of red Hawaiian sea salt.” Created with eight powerhouse fruits, this gose was brewed to tap into the healing benefits of all-natural fruits while the Hawaiian sea salt helps balance electrolytes. Who knew beer could be so beneficial?


Easy Sport by Boulevard Brewing (Kansas City, Missouri)

Boulevard Brewing is a veteran player in the craft beer game and they are at it again with the release of their newest beer, Easy Sport. According to Boulevard’s website, Easy Sport is a “refreshing new ale with just 99 calories and 4.5g carbs per can, plus added magnesium, potassium and sea salt.” That combination makes for a replenishing and tasty ale that we’re stoked to sip on post-workout or post-workday.


Rec. League by Harpoon Brewery (Boston, Massachusetts)

Your beer-in-hand kickball league just got a whole lot better with the addition of Rec. League by Harpoon Brewery. This beer is described as having “an all-star lineup of ingredients that includes a healthy dose of hops, sea salt, buckwheat, and chia.” Those powerful ingredients work together to create a noteworthy pale ale that’s low in alcohol, light in calories, but big on flavor. So grab a brew, this batter’s up!


Go Play IPA – Avery Brewing Co. (Boulder, CO)

If you need another excuse to get out and about, Avery Brewing has hooked you up with their Go Play IPA. According to the Avery website, “Go Play IPA sports juicy, tropical, and dank aromas, fueled by dry-hop additions of Vic Secret, Idaho 7, and Simcoe hops.” But it’s the ample sodium and potassium in this brew that helps rehydrate you so you can leave it all on the field. Well, what are you waiting for? Go Play!


FKT Pale Ale – Sufferfest Beer Company (San Francisco, CA)

Not only is the FKT Pale Ale made to give you that extra edge after a long workout, but the entire Sufferfest mission started when its founder tried to find a beer that would help quench her thirst after a long day of trail runs. FKT – short for “Fastest Known Time” – is a pale ale brewed with salt and black currants. It’s these same ingredients that will satisfy your thirst, while providing powerful antioxidants and of course, great taste! Now all that’s left to do is tie up those laces and get that FKT.