This year will be different, you say. You’re turning a new leaf, lifting some weights, and eating healthier. At least that’s the plan… until that craving for craft beer comes creepin’ in. In years past, that brewski may have derailed your New Year’s Resolution. But not this year. Not in 2019. Instead, opt for some healthier beer options that have some surprising health benefits. Check out what beers we’ll be sipping on as we start of the new year:


SeaQuench Ale – Dogfish Head

Health Benefit: Backed by scientific research, this beer was created to quench your thirst. Literally. SeaQuench Ale’s use of sea salts not only enhances the taste, but it also infuses minerals — including calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and sodium — known to help satisfy thirst and replace lost electrolytes

Beer Description: A tart, slightly sour lime-infused low alcohol beer with a dash of sea salt. This beer is made with specifically chosen potassium-rich barley strains, sea salt from Maine and the Chesapeake Bay, black limes, sourced from Egypt, Turkey and Guatemala, and lime juice.


Brut IPA – Brewery Ommegang

Health Benefit: Brewery Ommegang’s Brut IPA is big on flavor while keeping the calorie and carb count low. With just 140 calories and fewer than four grams of carbohydrates, this bubbly brew is a perfect choice for the health-conscious beer connoisseur.

Beer Description: This beer marries the fragrant, hoppy flavors of American IPAs with the sparkling effervescence of fine Belgian ales, giving it a bright, dry, champagne-like character. If you haven’t tried this trendy style of beer yet, start here!


Vieille Artisanal Saison– Crooked Stave

Health Benefit: This 100 calorie beer spends long periods of time aging in oak barrels with brettanomyces and lactobacillus bacteria species, giving it all the same health benefits as kombucha. Plus, sour beers are naturally lower in gluten, making them easier to digest.

Beer Description: Vieille is a classic saison aged in oak barrels with lemon and lime citrusy hop notes, a subtle herbal spice, and a crisp tart finish.


Good Ju Ju – New Belgium

Health Benefit: New Belguim’s Good JuJu is brewed with fresh ginger, which aids in digestion and is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also only 131 calories per serving, with 4.5 percent alcohol.

Beer Description: A light ale brewed with fresh ginger that creates a spicy aroma, malty body, and unique flavor.