Valentine’s Day often polarizes the population. If you’re taken, it can be a day of romance – filled with chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinners. And if you’re single, it can be a glaring reminder of your single status often referred to as “Singles Awareness Day”. For us though at Growler USA, Valentine’s Day is just another reason to drink craft beer. After all, it is our one true love. So whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alongside your sweetheart or wallowing in self-induced pity, we want to make sure you have a tasty brew in hand to help you through!


The Lovers

Smitten – Bell’s Brewing Co.

Those butterflies come creeping in and you can’t help but smile just thinking about your love. If that’s you, try Smitten by Bell’s Brewing Co. This Golden Rye Pale Ale offers rustic flavors combined with citrus and resinous hop aromas. It’s a refreshing take on this style of beer that might just make you smitten.

Four Play IPA – Stoudts Brewing Co.

Why rush to the main event, when you can warm up with a Four Play IPA. This brew has a full-bodied malt backbone that compliments the abundance of hoppy flavor it delivers. It starts out citrusy with orange notes, and then finishes while hints of coconut & chocolate. Seriously, who doesn’t love a little Four Play?

I Love You With My Stout – Evil Twin Brewing Co.

It’s a cold night and you’re finally cozied up with your person, surround by warmth and love. I Love You With My Stout by Evil Twin Brewing will give you that same, sweet feeling. This rich, dark stout is robust with notes of molasses, figs, coffee, and chocolate.  It’s complex but comforting – just like your love.


The Loathers

Death Before Disco – Left Hand Brewing

Rather die than hit the club looking for love? Then Death Before Disco by Left Hand Brewing is the perfect choice for you this Valentine’s. This porter has roasted malts, creating a full-bodied classic with rich chocolate and dark berry notes. It’s the perfect beer to keep you company on a cold winter night.

Nightmare on Brett – Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

The last date you went on was a complete nightmare. Your date showed late and left with someone else. Don’t fret. Instead drink Crooked Stave’s Nightmare on Brett. This brew – as described by Crooked Stave – is a demonic dark sour, that’s aged in large oak foeders and then transferred to bourbon and whiskey barrels. It’s dominated by dark fruit aromas and flavors, with underlying cacao notes. If anything, this brew makes being single not quite so scary!

Cursed – TRVE Brewing

It’s official. You’re cursed in love. Instead of wallowing in sadness, crack open Cursed by TRVE Brewing, out of Denver. This tasty brew is a mixed culture sour ale with a fruity and slightly funky floral aroma. It has a tart and juicy flavor but finishes with a mild sweetness. Now only if your relationships could end that way.