The colder months can’t help but instill a cozy, introspective, hunger-inducing feeling – and that feeling has certainly taken hold of the team here at Growler USA. We’re gazing down at our brand-new menu that is packed with our twists on American comfort food – which we’re referring to as “Inspired Pub Fare” and asking ourselves: which delicious beers should we pair with all these new items? We’ve gladly taken on the challenge, so all you need to do is join us and enjoy one of these fine pairings below:



Bromance Burger paired with Brown Ales

Today’s brown ale variations still vary greatly in their range, but are generally characterized by their sweet, malty flavors and low bitterness. We suggest Rogue’s Hazlenut Brown Nectar (rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish) or Big Sky Brewing Company’s Moose Drool Brown Ale (subtle coffee and cocoa notes balanced with a pleasant bitterness) to pair with pork and beef dishes.

These brown ale’s will pair well with any of our new burgers. For this pair, we put the ale with the carnitas, BBQ sauce, bacon and crispy onion topped Bromance Burger. The malty compounds of a brown ale add flavor and depth to the beef and complement the sweet savory flavors piled atop the burger.   




Bacon Skillet Mac paired with Porters

Growler USA recommends pairing your next porter, such as Deschutes Black Butte Porter with our smooth, creamy, savory Bacon Skillet Mac. The cheesy goodness presented in this dish complements the rich dark chocolate and coffee flavors presented in the classic porter. The layers of flavor complement the variations found in the savory cheese and the smoky, salty bacon found in our house-made Skillet Mac.

Need another option: Ommegang, out of Cooperstown, NY brews a Smoked Porter that is well-rounded, strong and smoky. The aromas of chocolate malt, caramelized sugar and smoked malt are complemented by a touch of hops and a deep brown hue. 



Loaded Spuds paired with IPAs

IPAs are characterized by their hoppy bitterness and are flavorful with herb and citrusy notes. These key profile items will stand up so well to the comforting, savory flavors of our new Loaded Spuds. You can choose from tots or sidewinder fries and top with goodness of Buffalo Blue, BBQ Bacon Ranch or Philly Cheesesteak. We suggest pairing with:

New Belgium’s Accumulation White IPA (strong hop aroma, citrus, spicy/herbal) or Boulder Beer Company’s Slope Style IPA. These bitter beers are best served with dishes that pack a flavorful punch. While IPA isn’t a style exclusively associated with winter, we implore you to enjoy your next IPA with one of our varieties of loaded spuds. We’d start with the Buffalo Blue, as these IPA’s can stand up to the heat delivered by the spuds smothered in our house-made buffalo sauce. You can thank us later.



Crafted Fried Chicken Sandwich paired with Pilsners

There is nothing better than a cold beer and a classic fried chicken sandwich. This Growler USA original sandwich brings savory with a little heat.

Our Crafted Fried Chicken Sandwich will pair well with Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pills. While it’s rich with Czeched-out flavor, its gentle hopping (35 IBUs) and low ABV (just 5.3%) make it a luxurious but low-dose (by Oskar Blues standards) refresher. The savory fried chicken sandwich brings a fantastic counterpoint to the smooth malt.




Fried Chicken + French Toast paired with Amber Ales

Try an Amber Ale like Station 26 American Copper or Bell’s Deb’s Red Ale with our twist on a southern favorite – Fried Chicken + French Toast.  

Expect a balanced and smooth beer, with richly malted characters that pair well with savory and hearty flavors of the chicken and toast. The roasted malts complement roasted and gamey flavors. Starchy, savory toast add more depth and character to balance out the dry finish of the beer.