The internet told us that Friday, September 7th was National Beer Lover’s Day. As lovers of all things craft beer, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk about the things we’re loving most about craft beer right now. There is so much to celebrate – the craftsmanship, the styles, the flavors, the innovation. Our love of beer brings us together with our family, friends and community. It just makes us oh-so-happy. So, let’s talk about the really great things we’re loving!


Rockyard Brewing Company – Primadonna
As a classically brewed German style beer, this 2018 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winner is our one of our favorite pilsners these days (even though with 100 taps, we try not to play favorites). Brewed with 100% German hops and 100% German malts, this crisp, clean, dry pilsner is everything you’d expect from a classic German brew.

Crooked Stave – Von Pilsner
We’re still loving on these German inspired brews as we approach the beloved Oktoberfest timeframe. This crushable brew is an unfiltered Keller pilsner brewed traditionally with German hops. Crooked Stave takes us on a journey to Europe with each sip, making us glad we filled our steins with this brew. Hallo Von Pilsner.


Hazy IPA’s

Tree House Brewing Company – Haze
There is nothing hazy about how crazy we are over hazy IPA’s. Call them juicy, call them unfiltered, call them New England Style – but call them here to stay. Tree House, a Massachusetts brewery, is well known in the land of its namesake, the New England Style. Their Haze is a double IPA brewed with massive quantities of unfiltered hops, peaches, orange and passion fruit. The hazy, bright appearance is as appealing as the smooth hoppy finish.

Sierra Nevada – Hazy Little Thing
Hello Beautiful. We’re crazy about this hazy little thing. This brew is cloudy and opaque in appearance, with tropical aromas that leave a light, juicy feel in your mouth. It’s a lovely brew that brings in the classics of the IPA with that hazy, juicy flavor we’ve loving on this here-to-stay style.


Fruit Forward

4 Noses – Orange Velvet
This orange velvet is a milkshake IPA that we’re for sure loving right now. This brew uses a blend of lactose sugar and blood oranges to bring a new and unique twist to the New England Style IPA. The Amarillo, Citra and Jarrylo dry hopping accentuates the blood orange character while the lactose sugar creates a full and fluffy mouthfeel, giving it that milkshake quality we’re loving. This blend will trigger long lost memories of orange popsicles on a hot summer day and push the boundaries of the IPA as we know it. Yes, please.

Epic Brewing – Passion Fruit Brainless Belgian Ale
Passion fruit is this year’s grapefruit – and Epic got it right with this Belgian Trippel, a part of their Brainless series. This concoction is brewed with passion fruit and fermented Belgian yeast, combining that fruity tartness with that Belgian drinkability we love. It’s dry, tangy and just darn tasty.



Joseph James – Citra Rye
There is so much to love in this brew. We think of it kinda like a unicorn: mysterious, yet amazing. And hard to believe it exists. The citra hops and rye brings in juicy mango and orange flavors but with a maltier characteristic than most APA’s – it’s truly a welcomed assault on your taste buds. If you see this, order it. You’ll thank us.

Black Shirt Brewing Company –Timekeeper Rye Pale Ale
Precise, balanced and crisp. That’s how Blackshirt describes this Rye Pale Ale – we describe it as fresh, juicy and drinkable. I guess we’re both on the same page, and both onto something. This hoppy yet balanced brew has a strong tropical and floral aroma with a soft and refreshing finish. We’ll take two, please.



Two Roads Brewing Company – Passion Fruit Gose
If you haven’t tried a Gose (pronounced GO-sah) yet, you need to Gose-get yourselves some! Goses are kettle sours, that lean more tart than sour. They are the perfect starter kit for someone wanting to dabble in the world of sour beers, but not jump both feet first into the sour kettle. This brew brings in that big passion fruit flavor we’ve been raving about with light wheat notes and a beautiful tartness that brings this refreshing Gose to life.

Boulevard – Hibiscus Gose
Boulevard’s Hibiscus Gose is another example of that refreshing, drinkable combination of fruit, salt and wheat brewed with a little bit extra of that Kansas City love. This tangy, sweet sour ale is not as sour as you think. The Hibiscus Gose is treated with coriander and sea salt during boiling then steeped with massive quantities of hibiscus flowers to create that wonderful pink hue and those tangy, sour notes. She’s a beauty!