Break out your best dance moves, your best look and lock it up – it’s wedding season! Time for romance, love, family and friends, heartfelt toasts, all gathered to celebrate the crazy journey of marriage.

The wedding game has been taken to a whole new level and we’re here to ensure your bar matches your high wedding standards and goes beyond the predictable. We’ve crafted the perfect line up of beers to satisfy everyone from your Great Uncle Fred to your beard wearing, on point groomsmen. And, we hear the bridesmaids are beer snobs, too.

Someone once told us that true love is the soul’s recognition of it’s counterpoint in another. So, let’s cheers to your big day and your happily ever after.

Great Divide: Heyday Modern IPA – This is the IPA that dreams are made of. And your wedding day is the ultimate in dreams coming true– the perfect day for a Heyday! This well hopped, light brew shows up to the reception with notes of tropical fruit, berry and melon that complements the crisp malt finish.

New Belgium: LaFolie – This brew came dressed to impress. You will knock the dress socks off any beer aficionado with this lovely barrel aged sour red ale. La folie means “madness” or “very much” in French. This brew is aptly named, as we think your guests will love it as much as you love each other: à la folie. We’d even give you permission to swap this for the champagne toast. We promise, champagne won’t mind.

Odell: Drumroll – Nothing calls for a drumroll like the introduction of the new Mr. & Mrs! This unfiltered American Pale Ale is bold, juicy and hop forward – just like that first kiss! Line your bar with Drumroll and keep the good times rolling!

SweetWater Brewing Company: Grass Monkey – Brass Monkey, that funky Monkey – ok, Beastie Boys classic may be playing on the dancefloor, but you’ll likely be at the bar enjoying this crisp, seasonal wheat featuring lemon-drop hops (hops, not shots. You’re not in college anymore) and lemongrass to bring the citrus forward to this classically finished wheat ale.

Victory: Summer Love – Ahhhhhhhhh, love. There is something so refreshing and inspiring about two becoming one. This ale brings together that love with the love of summer. Picture this – warm summer evenings, dancing the night away, enjoying this lovely, easy drinker.  Celebrate everything there is to love about summer and love, with Summer Love.

Dogfish Head: Romantic Chemistry – Another tasty IPA, but one that is more hop forward, for those beard wearing Groomsman, including your cousin Brad. Romantic chemistry celebrates the joining of some great fruits in a union of ultimate brew – apricot and mango. You’ll for sure want to raise your glass to this union and the union of the happy couple, too!

Shiner: Strawberry Blonde – This summer seasonal from Shiner is as appealing as that single blonde bridesmaid. Brewed from fresh Texas strawberries along with pale and wheat malts, this summer special will be sure to be gone well before the last dance.

Oskar Blues: Mama’s Lil Yella Pils – This classic pilsner is a crowd pleaser, for sure. This version of the great Pilsner beers is built on pilsner and honey malt then hopped to bring rich, yet low dose flavor. This favorite will have your guests calling for toasts over and over again, just to refill their glass, not for those awkward kisses!