Have Pumpkin Beers Overstayed Their Welcome? Not Even Close.

It might not feel like fall outside, but that doesn’t mean Austinites aren’t going to celebrate like it is. And autumn means one thing: pumpkin beers.

Or at least it did.

By this time last year, many local bars and stores had already been rotating through their supply of pumpkin beers several times over, having had a steady stream of them come through as early as July. Now, however, the craze has appeared to die down.

“It just doesn’t seem to be as hot of a style this year,” Matt Cox, the beer buyer at Growler USA, said.

The one-year-old campus-area beer bar only had three pumpkin beverages — one of which was a cider — on tap as of late September, though he had plans to add more throughout October. This year, he said, Oktoberfest beers seem to be the more popular seasonal style.

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