Growler USA was featured on Thrillist as one of eight restaurant chains that are also amazing beer bars. Read what Lee Breslouer had to say about Growler USA below and view the full article on Thrillist.

Bad news: not all Growler USA locations can actually fill growlers. The chain is currently operating in/about to open in over 20 states, but depending on your state’s laws, they’re not necessarily filling ‘em up. Here’s the good news: regardless of the silly laws, it’s worth a trip. Take the 100ish craft beer taps lining the bar, where around half are local (there’s also usually a few nitro taps, craft wines, and coffee). Can’t figure out what to order? The bartenders are all Certified Beer Servers (or in the process of getting certified), so they can help you find the beer of your dreams. Or you can look up at the flat-screens on the wall displaying near-live Untappd reviews/info on the beers, and a ticker-like display of who checked into the social media service and what they drank. Don’t skip the food — not only is there a full menu of hearty pub eats (burgers, sliders, Philly pretzels), but breweries often team up with the chain to spice up the menu. This summer, it’s a Stone Tangerine Express IPA-tinged brownie dessert.