As the craft beer craze continues to tighten its grip on Colorado, a Centennial-based company is making a name for itself by showcasing dozens of up-and-coming American breweries under one roof.

Growler USA is headquartered at 12503 E. Euclid Ave., Ste. 55, just a short distance from its flagship location, which opened in December on the southeast corner of Arapahoe Road and Lima Street.

Growler is not a brewery itself, but rather a venue to serve craft beer made by operations big and small in Colorado and across the U.S. Perhaps most importantly, Growler serves the beers exactly as the brewmasters intended, a practice the company calls its “true to the brew” promise, said Jessica Salrin, director of marketing for the fast-growing chain.

“We take special care with the temperature of our coolers, the length of the tap line, the amount of pressure, how long it’s in the keg before it’s tapped, all the way to the type of glass it’s served in,” she said. “It’s served the exact same way every time. That’s our dedication to the beer.”

The benefits of such a unique concept are two-fold: fledgling breweries have the opportunity to get their name out there and consumers are introduced to beers they’ve never had.

Each Growler location has the capacity to serve 100 different types of beer, as well as draught wine, kombucha tea and hard cider. Each franchise owner has the freedom to choose which beers are poured at their respective locations, using customer feedback and trends to help determine the lineup. Local faves and newcomers can be brought in quickly, like Lost Highway Brewing, which recently moved to Centennial.

“It’s still all about the craft industry and being able to get not only local but national craft beers that you may not be able to get in stores, or you don’t have to travel to different breweries to get just one beer,” Salrin said. “Here you can have a variety and can explore all of the options that craft has to offer.”

With so many choices, it might be assumed that remembering the characteristics of each beer would be near impossible. However, each one of its bartenders and servers are Cicerone-certified, meaning they have completed an education program for those in the brewing industry.

“You can come in here with open mind. If you don’t know a ton about craft beer but want to know more about it, than perfect. If you’re a craft beer expert and you know all there is to know about the ingredients and the hops and the style, then you’re in the right place, too,” Salrin said.

Of course, samples are always available, and if a customer has difficulty deciding on just one type of beer, they can order an entire flight.

The servers also are adept at recommending beer and food pairings now that Growler USA has rolled out a brand new menu. It’s not typical bar snacks, like pretzels or peanuts; Growler has a full offering of tasty dishes prepared by renowned chefs.

Calling Centennial ‘home’

It was the Centennial community that convinced the company to locate its headquarters in the City, said Dave Shaw, president of Growler USA.

“Centennial was selected as our brand headquarters for a variety of reasons – for one, it’s close to our flagship pub,” said Shaw, a longtime resident of Centennial. “The pub location was selected as Centennial aligns very well with our target consumer demographic and boasts a great mix of businesses, residential and retail. Centennial is a growing city – and Growler USA is a growing brand. We’re a great fit.”

The flagship location — the only corporate-owned Growler — welcomed the public and City dignitaries to its True to the Brew Summerfest June 1-3, a celebration that showed off its vibrant space and the expansive view from its patio.

More Growler USA hubs are preparing to do the same; the new Colorado Springs location had its grand opening June 2, and Louisville and the Sloan’s Lake area are getting ready to welcome Growler USA locations in the coming months.

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