Craft Beverage Franchise Celebrates the Hoppy Drink that Saved America

Originally published on BusinessWire

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Here’s something you may not know: beer made America. To celebrate, craft beverage franchise Growler USA is inviting Americans across the country to raise a glass for National Growler Day, Saturday, Dec. 17.

“The modern day craft beer boom has created a resurgence for the growler,” said Dan White, founder and CEO of Growler USA. “Our brand name pays homage to this movement, its history, and all things great about beer and about America.”

As Americans migrated west during the 19th century, they would stop in towns to rest their horses and replenish supplies. The water often made them sick, but the beer did not, so the local pub became the popular gathering place. Fresh beer was often transported back home, and it is rumored that the escaping carbon dioxide made a growling sound – hence, the growler was born.

Growler USA pubs throughout the country will be celebrating National Growler Day with a variety of events and promotions. Why celebrate? Growler USA offers five reasons below:

  1. Growlers make great holiday gifts – For the beer lovers in your family, growlers filled with craft beer and growler-related accessories, like growler carriers for bicycles and growler stands, make great holiday gifts.
  2. Growlers support the local economy – Buying growlers of your favorite local craft brew supports local brewers and small business owners, overall strengthening the economic engines of our communities.
  3. Growlers can be repurposed– Growlers can be upcycled or repurposed into other items, such as lamps, piggy banks and soap dispensers.
  4. Growlers are ecofriendly – Growlers can be continually refilled with any type of beer, wine, coffee or tea, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.
  5. Growlers never go out of style – The craft beer segment continued to make strides, growing by eight percent in 2016. Growler USA pubs offer more than 100 taps of national and regionally recognized craft beverage options.

Growler USA is a microbrew pub dedicated to offering only 100 percent American-made craft beverages and a food menu designed and engineered to celebrate the flavors of each drink. The brand has nine locations across the country, each offering a variety of regional and nationally recognized beverages, and remains True to the Brew™ with up to 100 taps of craft beer, hard cider, draught wine, and hand-crafted non-alcoholic beverages such as root beer and kombucha tea.

Growler USA currently has pubs located in Redmond, WA; Phoenix, AZ; Katy, TX; Austin, TX; Charlotte, NC; Honolulu, HI; Warner Robins, GA; Centennial, CO and Tallahassee, FL, with more in development across the U.S. For more information on National Growler Day events and promotions, please visit your local pub’s Facebook page.